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My Commission Templet by BlimpGirl
My Commission Templet
Since I decided to start up commissions again, I designed a simple templet of image examples and prices. Info is on the bottom if you have a commission request or if you have any questions about image details.

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Anthony: Did you already forget!

*He brought the situation back to present time, still glaring at Hojo.*

Anthony: Guess the genetically enhanced stash shaved off some of your memories and oh so superior genius. Wonder if those reports about marijuana use were-

Hojo: *Raging* There is nothing wrong with my memory! *His demeanor shifted to an evil calm.* You might be surprised by this, but I was actually hoping that you would show up. Miss Emme is more important to you than the world; you certainly wouldn’t let her go off alone let alone not trailing far behind like a pitiful hound.

Anthony: A hound dog still has a better sense than you, mandogpig!

*Hojo gritted his teeth as a rare reaction over one insult too many and clasped harder over Anthony’s grip on the panel. Both were now pulling furiously to either side, struggling for control over a handle switch. Both were equal in determination. The constant friction caused the inner panel to puff a line of smoke, circuits were sparking and crackling like a miniaturized fireworks display.*

*The smoke became thicker and billowed out from the tiny space of the handle with bigger sparks and bigger eruptions. The entire set roared with thunderous booms, causing the two men to be knocked down, out of their grips. More sparks grew under the sounds of electricity echoing and a larger cloud of smoke overheating the system. With a few more giant sparks, the power began to trace over the heavy floor rows with dancing single electric lines, flickering over the experiment tank. A crack snapped over a glass wall panel, a domino effect taking place of more splinters rapidly running around before bursting into loud chunks of explosive shards and crystallized dots. Emme quickly closed her eyes tight, straining for some thought, focusing as any shards back drafted against an invisible wall beside her.*

*The crackling continued from the ruined panel and free roaming dark grey smoke mixed with the glitter of tiny glasses, a sparkling display of any life left among the sudden explosion. The ragdoll shape that was Anthony was thrown back against a metallic wall and appearing unconscious. Hojo took more of the brunt, clothes smoking off an aura of smoggy mist. With a sudden swaying from his back, Anthony awoke in a lanky pose, focusing on the pops and electric jumps of the damaged lab. He turned to the busted chamber, trying to look over the curtain of smoke; quickly picking himself up with his upper body lying flat out and gaining strength from his legs, clumsily standing like a scarecrow coming to life. He had to get to her quick, trying his hardest not to think the worse. Being driven to walk again after taking a ramming blast of heat, smoke and scraps would prove difficult for anyone. It was both agonizing and a normal routine for Anthony.*

*Hojo awoke as well, but in a more dazed state, eerily steadying himself. A green screen sort of image that didn’t fit what the scene was becoming. He got up like any normal person would after landing on the ground, yet he was more… transformative. A hand over a railing away from the panel seemed to be overtaken under his grip, sliding down in size. An assortment of odd noises groaned and strained; limbs, skin, clothing, creaking like a giant castle gate. Hojo was unaware at first what was going on; he felt this familiarity from long ago. A crowning achievement in self-experimentation, selling that hemp plant and earning his doctorate, fortune, career, his own control in the company. Whatever was present in the crystal transformed him differently; he was growing in stature like before, but under greater exposure and unknown length of time. Would he be taller than when he showed it the first time? When the jocks were in frozen shock over the boy that was over 15 feet tall, when they were about to pick on him during field practice? Maybe even bigger so, that once frightened an intern and no longer heard from? The plant had always been more than useful. Mixing into the compounds of crystals and gems mined and sorted for the company as each produced unusual side effects, physical deformities, mental dysfunctions that quickly gave the science department willing slaves. None of that was going on. The pink entity item caused two exact changes, the latter the most significant and dominating.*

*Hojo already passed 20 feet high, not stopping as of yet. There was still some space before the ceiling. He picked up fast paces as he made his way to the other side of the laboratory, an appearance of growing quicker and looming darkness. Anthony fluttered his head around as it happened, like a hummingbird shifting its head. The mad scientist now looking more the part of the monster experiment, an evil smile rained down on him.*

Anthony: It’s happening again?!?!

*When it was through, the scientist appeared over the 35 foot mark, three feet away from the dark ceiling. Anthony knew the scientist was bigger than the first time this happened, except now there was a lot more room and a lot of dangerous items at the disposal should Hojo choose.*

Hojo: *His voice vibrating from his usual high pitch* That is thanks to years of research, after our college days. An added advancement for the crystal’s properties.

*Anthony shook down to the bones. His next words were more likely to sound like, “Please don’t hurt me,” if he could speak further. It was then he realized there was something grasping his hand. A hard object with smooth multiple plate surfaces. He quickly opened his hand as Hojo stared back down.*

Anthony: The Hell is this? *The round crystal shown the fair cherry color. A gleaming pearl of a crystal presented in his palm.*

Hojo: *Incredulous* That’s the crystal!

Anthony: *Cringing and jumping from the loud vocalization. Now two fingers in his ears.* Hey, indoor voices, please!

*Without hesitation, a giant hand barreled down, ready to grasp the tiny-in-comparison man. With a quick step and a bend at the back, Anthony literally whooshed out of the scene, just as Hojo’s hand crashed down, fingertips gripping into the floor. For all its strength to even make a dent, pulling his hand out came with great pain of tiny metal jags, scraping the skin with thin yet throbbing digits. This only infuriated the mammoth scientist.”

Hojo: You’re trying my patience too far, you worthless weasel!

*From a transformer’s side popped up a weasel’s head, blinking and twitching its nose in Hojo’s upward direction.*

Anthony (as weasel): Who you callin’ a weasel?

*He shrieks in fright as a looming shadow approached his position, making a quick duck and scamper before Hojo’s hand could grab him. Hopping over, his newly changed rabbit form scurries, his bunny teeth clutching the Crystal. Hojo’s growth already complicated matters, proving the difficultly of maneuvering when capturing a simple simpleton. From transforming into a fluttering peacock failing to stay in the air to the faster land animal of a cheetah, the most of his heroism came out of slipping his big cat paws on the floor; skating over softer debris and lunging claws out onto a metal canister, then hanging for dear life sliding and scraping down the metal with an annoying shrill, but minute scratches to the giant’s ears. A rush of gas hissed from the opening, spreading wide and hovering further into the air. With a means of further escape, cheetah Anthony leapt off for the ground, but not without giant fingers pinching on his tail. The ground crept away as he was pulled up and joined up close to Hojo’s framed and satisfied mug.*

Hojo: Not quite catching a tiger, but you’ll do.

*The airborne chemical rose into view. Anthony hacked over the foul odor as Hojo echoed a ground moving cough. The jutting loosened Hojo’s grip around Anthony’s tail; the held released and Anthony was free, but not enough time to think of an animal that covers its mouth to change into. A slight tumble and he easily steadied himself and reverted back to his original human shape. Not much of the fumes hung around the lower path yet stuck upward, with Hojo gasping for air and slowly losing consciousness. His dissent down knocked him on his knees with a reverberated boom. This prompted Anthony to make a quick dodge for an open space to keep from getting crushed.*

Anthony: TIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMM- *The dark tip of Hojo’s large head crashed to the ground some measly inches away from Anthony.* -fuck!

*He stood frozen in place from the inner shock of being that close to smashed. He loosened up and moved backwards, trailing on the side and watching the knocked out scientist with stone cold nervousness. The closed eyes seemed to reveal a lessened expression, for once not showing his stern scowl but an almost lightened look. Beyond experiencing déjà vu, Anthony still kept pace moving farther away as possible without thinking the worst for himself. Now on the trail walk, he freely skipped down among broken glass shards and crackling electronics; his hands rested delicately on a taut yet smooth surface, softer to his touch than usual. He felt pulsing warmth for his own support to keep standing, keep being alert as he searched around.*

Anthony: *Softly* Em…Hun...are you-

*Emme moaned lightly and slowly opened her eyes from slits over the vast airy plumpness of her face. She felt two little pushes on her right side patting along.*

Emme: …Is that you, hun?

Anthony: Yeah. *Patting his left hand further up.* But...all of you?

Emme: *Sighing* Sadly it is.

Anthony: Hey... not saying it’s a bad thing. Nothin’ wrong with a little softness here *patting* or about here *Patting on the other lower side*. Didn’t think it was this soft. Might have to make a new word for it or something.

Emme: Hojo…what about Hojo? What happened over there?

*Anthony leaned over to where a part of her head was visible, seeing that she probably didn’t notice what exactly went down.*

Anthony: Well, knocked down for the count I think. *Getting in a bit of cockiness* Still wasn’t so tough.

*Her fingers waved trying to reach for him as Anthony exchanged his hand between hers, locking fingers. He fell quiet at first; he already experienced too much in one moment, in one day, not what he was used to when nothing was going on or easily preoccupying his time and short attention span. Just strutting out a literal, elongated arm, wrapping arms and legs over her upper rounded form like a rubber spider. His head now resting on her own elongated chest as firm pillows, purring in response. Emme couldn’t help but be amused; it was better to put up with an adorable pervert than a dangerous one.*


*Among the usual bustle of their tiny neighborhood, they were back safe at home. Emme had her well deserved rest, enjoying the comfort of a normal sized bed, with Anthony more tired than her. Adorned on her neck was the glimmer of her returned necklace. She whispered, “ahuvi sheli” to her husband.*

*While it was fun for Anthony to see his wife in a different volumptuous form, it was a mood breaker if she wouldn’t be happy as an inflatable woman, even for on occasion. Never the less, they were richer with the reward money, she’s happy. Not a bad consolation he thought to himself, kicking back with a mischievous grin as he too got back something that was lost from him.*

*Earlier, when they were still embracing inside in the wrecked lab, Emme’s body felt less pressure, finally pulled itself back, and felt relaxed back in her normal smooth skin. In between all this, Hojo himself reverted back to his regular meekly size. A rare feeling enveloped over him: disappointment. The respite of being beaten back, despite having the literal upper hand, was a further insult. When word came of the accident in the lab, his report to security lacked any alibi’s; as there was “no evidence” of any intruders breaking into the facility.*

*The losses already counted after another; science, strength, power, the connections weren’t enough to counter the sly and covert luck the two had on their side. A further insult to injury came from a stray broken tube aimed at his position by the smashed tank. While it wasn’t unusual that it sprayed out a pink mist that was used prior, the tube stood on a row of piled scrap metals, with other tubes physically dragged into place for the perfect target. A perfect revenge.*



* “kuso buta” fucking pig
* “Ahuvi sheli”: My love (Yiddish or Hebrew)  from a woman to a man.
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It's been a pretty active day when it as still dark out for me. I'm now contemplating of bringing back commissions, but it will be a main focus for the most part. Based on a commentor's suggestion, I'm limiting the amount of requests to do. It will be solely commission focused and I definitely seem some help for interests.

And any one have any questions or something I haven't thought of, let me know here while I get image samples and pricing ready.


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