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Balled Gown by BlimpGirl
Balled Gown
Non-requested piece I was working on, after seeing a commercial spot for 2015 Cinderella and had my thoughts around this.
An Inflatable Robot Look by BlimpGirl
An Inflatable Robot Look

A rough image of this person in sweatshirt attire and plumped up. Sorry I couldn't get in any socks or panties, but I did put in most of the color schemes wanted. 
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(Contains: nudity and strong language)
*He explained his plan to me as he went to the balcony sill and looked for anything suspicious. He then jumped off as I scrambled forward, wondering what he was thinking doing that, as I greeted him back, a foot or two taller now; he must’ve had a rationing on him. The tiny people came out to their windows and lights turned on, a few lurking out of their houses. Szayel looked on them with an evil smile as they cowered back. He turned back to me, picking me up and holding me against him, feeling his body pressing out and along the leap off the table, as he returned to normal size and me on his palm.*

Szayel: Amazing that no matter how big one is, they still seem puny.

Me: *My heart throbbing from the fall* A-a law of the universe, I suppose.

*Now finally being taken out of the room in who knows how many hours, I was kept close to him, hidden almost lopsidedly as Szayel looked down the many empty halls. It all seemed like this was a bigger doctor’s office than I thought, but then again it also had a secret locked room with tiny prisoners on a model table. Szayel led us to a door among the third hallway strip, an oak color with Hojo’s name etched in black font and gold plate.*

Szayel: *Quietly, as he lowered me to the doorknob* Quickly look through and see if he’s inside.

*Confronted with the large knob, I peek through the keyhole, and sure enough, Hojo looked busy at his desk. Scowling over papers and scribbling down notes took up his preoccupation.*

Me: Is this where he’s keeping it?

Szayel: *shaking his head* It’s inside his laboratory, inside here.

Me: So now what? *a pitched hiccup jolted on me*

Szayel: *Playful* Hmm. Nervous by any chance?

Me: No! I don’t know where that came from.

*He lowered me down to the floor.*

Szayel: Looks like you’ll have to crawl under the door… that is-

Me: Don’t even say it! *Leaping off his palm and getting another hiccup* Sigh, what’s going on with me?

Szayel: The quicker the diversion, the better the both of us get out.

*Kneeling on the heightened rayon carpet, I duck down and noticed how incredibly high the frame was; it looked like I just might be able to crawl under as I slowly moved in, the top only brushing on my butt and now made it inside, standing up and brushing myself down. The room seemed immediately magnified compared to watching from the keyhole. Another squeak came from me as I quickly clasped my hands over my mouth and streaked behind the leg of a green cushion chair. Hojo looked up for a moment and spied around; I hoped he didn’t see me somehow. But he went back to his work. I held my breath to make them go away, breathing out in bursts. A bad hiccup was not part of the plan. I now moved along the bleacher heightened chair and behind the end of the other leg. I only wonder what Szayel said he would do once I was this far.*

*Szayel knocked on the heavy door.*

Hojo: *Inside* Yes?

*Szayel entered, much to Hojo’s disappointment and further ire.*

Hojo: *Not amused* What is it this time? You forgot to mention any other banter to me?

Szayel: No, doctor. Actually… I wanted to…apologize for before.

Hojo: *His gaze lessened* Ahh, now that’s something new other than any of your notes you’ve given me. Do you care to tell me anything else? Perhaps what that girl-

Szayel: I do apologize for that. You see, I had to keep it from you. Only to let her guard down.

*As I passed to a long wooden leg of a side table, my eyes furrowed as my ears went back from hearing that.*

Szayel: I’m only pretending to be nice to her and separate her from the other experiments so that she’ll trust me enough to tell any of her secrets to me.

*What was this?? Was he really being this tolerant of me only to get me locked up forever or be killed? That…fucker! I should’ve known to not have been like this with him!! His right hand down his long arm out of sight waved forward, trying to give me a signal… should I still trust him? If the lab really was here and where that weapon of his was, I only hope there’s a cure for me to get back to normal and slice my way out of here instead. I now held hidden under the ruddings of a built-in brown dresser and drawers, sneaking and shifting down as Szayel kept talking.*

Hojo *with a devious hissing* : I see.

Szayel: I even… had to lie about where the cure was so she wouldn’t try to escape or get the experiments out.

Hojo: No doubt then you’ve lead her astray. And surely you didn’t tell her it was in actuality my laboratory, did you?

*Szayel shifted his eyes right and back*

Szayel: *Using his smug tone, noting an open Fat Cake package on the desk* Of course not. It would be completely idiotic on my end to mention that.

*Now I was confused. Was he with me or against me? But… it really does seem salvation lies among a few more feet from me.*

Hojo: As it would be so. *Hojo shifted out of his chair* There are a few things to mention about this. First, I congratulate you on surveying this situation.

*I looked over as I kept scooting, then I heard what sounded like hushed talking, saying, “I’ve got you now.” And it sounded like Hojo’s voice. I moved quickly as another line spoke, “Hope you like an enclosed environment, you pink haired backstabber.” Oh geez, he knew of it the whole time and it looked like both were playing their own games. I finally came to what looked like a separate wall with a picture frame baring a drawing of the human torso frame, but found another door crack below. It was also high enough for me to crawl under; out of sight but now it seemed Szayel will be in the same place me.*

Hojo: Second, I’ll admit my own secret to you. I knew those orders weren’t for our prisoners. They were meant for you.

Szayel: And how do you deduce that, doctor?

*The mad doctor stood closer.*

Hojo: Anyone would notice the only employee that never takes a lunch break out of his research room yet isn’t dying of starvation. No, I figure there’s a reason for your sustenance. Translating some of your notes indicated your own concoction you’ve created. I have wondered though why a young, lean man like yourself would prefer using science to get his nutrients instead from any food source. But yet… *as he spoke, he passes back to his desk and pulled on a small drawer.* a lot of junk food has accumulated. *Not showing his hand from behind his back, Szayel had a feeling of what will happen next.*

Szayel: *trying not to break but showing his cool didn’t help* There hasn’t been a lot of time for me to take breaks. Not only dealing with the absorbent man but also making demands of the victims loved ones for you as well as tending to those “insects”.

Hojo: *Sarcastic* Yes, yes, such a hard life for a researcher. Breaks are there for a reason I suppose. *A crinkling massaged his hidden hand.* I think you’ve worked long and hard enough. Maybe THESE will help!

*He quickly turned his arm out and shoved what looked a white crumbly cake into Szayel’s unsuspecting mouth. He stumbled back, coughing harshly into his mouth with the cake in his throat while keeping himself standing.*

Szayel: Damn *cough* you! You lousy bastard!

*Hojo only grinned villainously; Szayel brought himself to a bended standing position but not for long as his vision distorted and not standing literally as tall as he did before. His white and black lined outfit reverting with his shrinking stature. He passed down foot after foot, gagging as his nemesis became bigger in his eyes. The mad man laughed and cackled at Szayel’s misfortune. Hojo looked like a simply attired building; the threat still rising as Szayel reached below a foot, a lowly five inches tall with no means to revert back.*

*Since I made way in here, I tried to figure out how to get up there, any little means left unnoticed for me to move up. A hiccup came back out, a few seconds later jutting another one out. I wonder if this really was part of a nervous reaction as I walked along the large lab space. Cursing the hiccups that keep coming, I see the long stretch of a table and varying glasses and beakers with colorful liquids. A large machine loomed in the back and it looked to be coming closer as I walked along. Even the table seemed to be lowering in my presence. I was growing for the third time and now a few feet taller, an easy quest to get to the working table. One was plainly labeled GHV:50 in black: the hormones from Luke, ones taken from being tricked into a physical exam I bet. Another stroke of luck came from a container on my left, a glass box holding a katana and a grey sheath. I carefully picked up the container vial among the crowd of tubes and beakers, as I heard a thud and gagging sound, shaking my full hands as the container dropped on the tabletop and crashed against the chemicals. My hands now splashed and fearing for an explosion, I took the glass box with haste and ran for the door.*

*With it slamming shut, I see a maniacal laughing Hojo and a very shrunken Szayel, standing and at a loss. Hojo then reached down for him as Szayel jumped out of the way, a foot out of the way. Hojo growled and had to rely on bending forward to catch the little pink man, who kept jumping away and in great distance for his size.*

*The box against my skin slid down and fell, breaking open with a crash on the floor. Hojo turned around fast and found me there, back to my old size and unaware of my current attire. And not long did Szayel take the moment and jumped onto Hojo’s pants leg, holding tight as Hojo tired to shake him off. Missing every opportunity to grab him as Szayel climbed slanted upward, moving like a quick rat as he climbed up along the large clothing.*

Me: Szayel! *Yelling out his name like I never did before, somehow still worried for him.*

*Hojo’s hand grabbed Szayel along his lab coat and squeezed him firmly as he moved back to his desk. He placed Szayel down and covered him under a crystal etched glass bowl.*

Hojo: I’ll take care of you later.

*Now turning to me, I didn’t hold back as I picked up the sword to defend myself. Except I didn’t count for an unusual feat of agility from him, his arm protected over his head from the sheathed weapon as the katana clinked and flew in the air, landing on his desk and pushing papers around not too far from where Szayel was trapped.*

*Hojo pushed me back against the wall door, his hands tight around my wrists as he looked down at me. Granted, as old as he was, some of his lines weren’t as noticeable even when he fixates his eyes on me, honing brown eyes that can laser point to an exact glance. He faintly grinned down at me.*

Hojo: It seems no matter what size you are, you still manage to cause trouble for me. Why couldn’t you have been a good girl and accepted your fate?

Me: I guess it took some experience to know when a mad scientist was using their dick as opposed to their “massive” brain.

Hojo: Don’t get too cocky with me yet. *His hands squeezed my wrists tighter, digging and pinching at the skin.* Do you have any last words before you’re through?

*Szayel pushed against the bowl with his shoulders, displaying his tiny strength as he pushed it to the end of the desk.*

Me: *Cynical* Yeah. Your breath definitely smells worse than mine.

*Hojo flabbergasted at that, then opened a free hand to slap my face from his back hand, my eyes slanted as it stung proudly.*

Hojo: I’ve had it with both of your sassy mouths! You should’ve been finished off when you wormed your way in here the second time.

*I then got an idea, but was interrupted from doing it as another ‘hic’ came out of me, falling into my stomach as I grew a bit. He stared again as I was head length to him. Another hiccup caused another jolt of growth, feeling his hands slip from my expanded wrists. A third hiccup brought me to Amazonian stature, the fabric around my breasts that once covered me whole tightened further, as I now looked down on him. Freed from his grip, I  grabbed him with his neck under my hand, Hojo yelped out in fear as I tossed him forward, watching him slide on the floor just as Szayel got an opening from the bowl cage and climbed back onto the desk.*

*Hojo made a dash for him until my hand stretched out, with Telekinetic energy hitting him and sliding further back. Szayel had a golden moment to grab for the Fat Cake, a large pink igloo in comparison as his gloved hand took a handful out, biting into the sweet and creamy center. Another bite in shifted his growth exponentially, dropping the piece as he grew quickly back to normal size and crouching on the desk, grabbing for the blade.*

Szayel: So, *standing up and leaping off the desk* It seems you have been gotten by your own game. *He pulled the katana out of the sheath, a slow ascend upward.* But I have one more move to make. *The blade now high over his head and lowering down to his wide open mouth.* Sip! Fornicaras!

*The blade pushed down into his throat as it glowed a bright purple glare; the handle drew onto his lips. Hojo and I looked in shock at what was going on, or even knowing what in the world was going on. His body suddenly ballooned out, taking me back by shock; a giant white sphere that gasped and moaned like reaching for the climax. Even then, I could say that I felt a twinge below me. The orb shape then diminished under electric glows, revealing a much more shocking display.*

*From the sound of moving wet meat, the lower half of his body became a multitude of purple tentacles. His feet extended from under them, replaced with a layered dress-like garment. His upper torso became a grey segmented form-fitting garment with white sleeves extended from the elbow and down to a wide opening at the wrist. Three, small, dark purple extensions extended from the elbow, while four long, dark purple strands that look like falling drops hung from the underside of the itself. His hands became white and his fingertips became elongated and purple and various purple drop-like strands appear in his hair. He wore a sort of headdress that formed a thin band across his forehead and along his glasses, attached at each end with a fan-like covering. His left eye dripped purple markings that take the shape of four lines on the top and bottom. He also grew four, very large gray branch structures from his back, two on each side, forming a shape like coverless butterfly wings. The branches have twelve, equally-spaced, red strands that stood like blood drops. They expanded out, became thicker until they look like feathers of a bird. It was a creepy and amazing transformation; it was like viewing the image of a scary yet artistic looking angel. And he looked rather pleased with his transformation, his attention now focused on the startled Hojo.*

Szayel: You didn’t think there wasn’t more to me than to be seen, did you?

*I judged from his change that he would be as tall as he was before, but even from my size I knew he seemed taller. Maybe…6’8”…wait, how did I know that?*

*Szayel floated down to the hapless scientist, grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt.*

Szayel: You’ll have to thank the good Dok for this creation. A much better experiment I would say. *He lifted Hojo up as his hand clasped around his throat, his arm raised high behind the “wing tips” flapping. Hojo struggled and grabbed onto the arm to let go, clamoring for air.*

Me: Dok! He… experimented on you too?

Szayel: *To me* I figured there was a connection when you brought that redhead in. Found out all about him but Hojo here interfered first. *To Hojo* You almost came very close to having me under your thumb. It looks like you’ll be the one that needs to learn some manners now.

*Hojo protested but was punished by a tighter neck squeezing.*

Me: Then you also know what happened to him!

*Szayel paused and shifted his head to me.*

Szayel: Pardon?

Me: If you were experimented by him, then maybe you know if he’s still alive.

Szayel: Why would I care to know that?

Me: Cause… Ach!

*I thought the hiccups were done with, but the same sensation passed on to me again. My skin tingled underneath and my stomach groaned, I moaned as I was sent to my knees, shaking the floor and the contents on the desk.*

*Szayel still kept a grip on Hojo but now more altered to me.*

Szayel: What is it? What’s the matter?

*I groaned louder, my arms around my stomach and my crotch twinging again.*

Hojo: *Gasping and gargling* The serum! You didn’t give her another injection, you fool!

*Szayel gripped tighter hearing that.*

Szayel: I don’t work for you anymore! This is your fault for whatever happens now!

*I cried out as it felt like the worst constipation pain ever. My breathing quickened, my body feeling hotter as each breath felt like I was being molded outward, pulled further. Too late to do anything as I exploded out, my growth spurts turned into seconds as I rammed the ceiling, my vision below blurred as I kept my eyes shut. My lap spilled out as it pushed the desk away, toppled and a piece of the top chiseled off. Szayel floated away from the debris, still gripping Hojo. My legs filled up the room; it would’ve trapped them both if Szayel didn’t apparate out. The room now like a womb as I laid on my side, only my hands on my stomach as the room quickly became too small.*

*It rumbled into the hallways as the walls cracked and tumbled down. The exam and storage rooms shook in the quake, more broken walls fell and care items spilled out of the cabinets. The areas exploded with growing flesh, crushed under my legs as they moved forward.*

*Szayel made a quick appearance in the model room, the tiny victims hearing a much bigger shake and fearing the worse. Szayel flopped Hojo onto the floor, thinking of a choice to make. Protecting these people meant a blow to Hojo’s plans yet Szayel never cared too much for them save for his own experiments. Then again, if it wasn’t for her, he thought, he might not have known what it also meant for them. The shaking took a violent turn; using some of his special energy he formed a barrier over him and the town as the walls shuttered and tumbled, breaking the research table and wall slabs denting onto the barrels. More debris tinkled and smashed over the invisible protection, with Szayel trying to keep focus.*

*Much of the building was destroyed as I now found myself outside and into the rising orange and red of the morning sun. I kept growing as more walls and fixtures fell apart. It looked as though in this moment I was becoming a monster too. Remembering how Luke feared of being like this, unable to control it; and now I wondered if I crushed them, Szayel or those people… I kept hyperventilating, without my amulet, I had to keep the anxiety under control or fear for the worst of what would happen to me next. The fluttering disappeared as my body now remained still, shaken but the growth finally stopped. Do I dare think of how tall I am now? I opened my eyes and saw the building below that could’ve come out of a disaster movie: the rooms could be been in wrecked splendor and any left untouched were exposed to me with a ceiling. There was one though that was kept intact. I reached down and pulled the top off like a protective seal from a can of nuts. I looked inside and found the winged Szayel spread out; it looked as though he was protecting the model town. But then where was Hojo? What did he do?*

*The barrier now gone, Szayel was relieved it was over; finding himself under a looming shadow as he looked up and found me. Now noting my modesty as I covered my breasts.*

Szayel: *Amused* It seems you brought this establishment down before I did.

Me: *Nervous* Yeah, but…

Szayel: Don’t worry. They’re fine.

Me: But how will they get back to normal?

*This time, I lowered my hand for him to hover over. Bringing him up to survey the area.*

Szayel: It looks as though my lab has been untouched. I also keep storage of antidotes there if needed. But who to use it on first?

Me: Hold on. Just use it on them.

Szayel: Then what about-

Me: If I was capable of doing this on my own but then incapable because of the serum, I might get myself back down.

*Szayel shrugged as I placed him back down.*

*A few moments later, I did get myself back to normal size and now wrapped under a blanket with a Styrofoam coffee in my hands. Police and firefighters arrived investigating the damage which I hoped that there wasn’t any evidence I left around. There were also a group of people covered and wrapped up under I would assume was their own nakedness. Some tried to explain about being shrunk and kept on top of a table and giants, but the officers dismissed it as temporary hysteria from the kidnappings. I wanted to go over there and tried to explain my side of it to them, but would it only make things worse? And not only that, I already knew Hojo was gone by any means, but no one found where Szayel was or any other people left.*

*Sitting on the ambulance bumper alone to myself, I heard a rustling from one of the bushes by a parking spot. Szayel emerged and back to his normal size and look, hiding from behind the ambulance.*

Me: There you are. How come you didn’t stay when they arrived.

Szayel: If I did, I wouldn’t look as I do now or then. And besides, it would be foolish of me to stick around knowing my name is also listed on any documents they find. A shame though, my revenge didn’t really go as planned, but *looking down at his sheath* I did get my weapon back after all.

Me: Hojo! What happened to him?

Szayel: Darned if I would know. Once I teleported back to the room, he ended up being the lowly worm instead and made his escape, more than likely in a secret shaft of some kind. Wonder if the authorities will be able to find it.

Me: *Annoyed* Speaking of lowly worms…

Szayel: Oh? *Realize* Ah… you thought I was double crossing you then. I told you to trust what I would do to stall him, right?

Me: Yeah, but you didn’t mention anything about making it look like you would rat me out.

Szayel: Yes, I know. But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten you angry. And you might not have be “motivated”.

Me: Meaning?

Szayel: The serum as you know works as an incapacity on a victim. But for a being like yourself, it only worked in keeping your powers down; pushed and swelled into a deep recess until too much pressure would erupt and explode in a frenzy.

*It did explain the great pain I was feeling.*

Szayel: That’s why at one point I stopped. I knew eventually it would all come out; it seemed earlier than I expected though. So, in a way, I was betraying in order to get Hojo cornered. *Sigh* I suppose to do owe you an apology for that, but that might be the last time I would.

Me: What are you gonna do now then?

Szayel: Well, much like Hojo and Dok, scurry somewhere off and hope no one connects me to this. But if that Dok is really alive, it looks like my revenge is still in progress.

Me: You’re really gonna go on that end are you?

Szayel: What else would there be? …and not like this is the end for us. If you do speak the truth.

*A crew trotted up to the vehicle, leaving Szayel to make his move.*

Szayel: Looks like it’s time for me to, as they say, split. *Before he ventured further, he turned back to me. He gave me a smile that was for the first time a genuine one.* And you: you aren’t that bad for a human.

*His presence was now long gone, leaving me to be tended further. Scary and adventurous as it was, this will really be one vacation story to tell.*


*The minutes felt like hours as calls were made. Luke tried to call the doctor’s office they were in a few days ago with Killer, while Beth consoled little Heather since it might be too much for the toddler to see her father distraught and then worry over her mother. In her mind, she wanted to be a grown up again but her child-like instinct wanted the calming security.*

Beth: *bopping lightly on Heather’s nose* See? *bop* Such a cute little nosy.

*Another bop brought a smile to the little one.*

*Killer only sat on the side beside them, arms crossed and looking off somewhere, either at nothing or just to look at anything. It was only the four of them then. Demyx relied on Xigbar’s help, warping around and gathering info. There was no word yet from Steve, odd that no one was responding from there. Were Ginger and Jan busy helping him out? Was Steve trying to make some contact of his own?*

Killer: We haven’t heard nothin’ from the others. Is it that hard to track one person down?

Beth: They might do it quicker than the authorities. At least some word is getting out. I hope she’ll be okay.

Killer: …

*He continued looking on; his thoughts lost.*

*Luke still held his head up by his gripping hand, trying to calm the imposing rage whelling in him. His height while normal looking from afar groaned along his skin and abdomen, slowly beginning to enlarge him. His mind raced over the helplessness of finding her, if she was safe. Too many times he almost lost her; the worst of it was now that it was her doing to go alone.*

*Just when the tension kept going and Luke almost seven feet tall, the front door of their home opened widely. Everyone turned to the door; Heather’s eyes gleamed and smiled wide as she recognized who it was. Alison was standing there, still wrapped in the donated ambulance blanket where she quickly made her escape for home unseen.*

Me: *meekly* ..Hi..

*Gasps were collected with relief spread over. Luke stood up and rushed toward his wife, his embrace hard and enveloping as his arms could wrap around her twice.*

Luke: *muffling his sobs speaking* ALLIE! Allie… *Nuzzling over my head, the comforting chill relaxing me as I gave him my warmth.*

Me: I’m…I’m..I’m really sorry! *keeping myself in control* I wanted to do this by myself!

Luke: You’re safe. That’s all I care about. *The anger subsides and his height returns to normal as he held onto his wife by the shoulder.”

Me: If it means anything, I did find out something about that doctor.
RP Saga Side B-3
Overhaul of the side story's conclusion and series.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
*That was one of the most uncomfortable doctor visits I have ever experienced; even though it wasn't for me. I can't imagine how Killer felt when that doctor examined him to figure out the cause of his occasional weakness. Some time after we got back, we still had to wait for the test results to come back in a day or so. Yet something tells me there was something behind this Hojo that even Steve didn't know and he requested him for it.*

*Those tests... all in all just being worked on... Hojo didn’t seem to take it all that seriously... his thoughts more on the one with him... he and his assistant Szayel working over all there tests and studies of the girl... *

*It took some thought but I knew I'm not waiting back for anything. And very much so for that model set I saw in one of the rooms he barked at me for being in. Not the most polite doctor I've met. Anyway, I wasn't sure what was gonna happen to me when I go back there and I didn't want Lukie or Heather to worry about me. As much as it pained me to do it, I came up with a story that I won a contest for a resort stay: a week at the latest for one. I said they couldn't change the plans to allow for other people to stay, but I promised I will be thinking about them and felt that I really needed some time away to think about my stress issues.*

*I made up a suitcase to make it authentic for the supposed week. Hopefully, Luke understood that I really was going away for a while and try not to probe my mind on anything serious.*

*The next day, I said my goodbyes to my hunny and our little baby, promised to check in, not to worry, and made my way out of the portal to where the "resort" was. It was actually one of the older garages we've only cleaned half way ever since we moved in and stored the suitcase without sight, as I now made for my real destination: that research office. Luckily, I was able to portal in to one of the hallways when it was clear, trying to find the room with that model piece.*

*Can only hope some of my super "skills" can keep me from needing any of my meds for a while, I was hoping just for that day to see what I can find without detection. It was only a nurse or another employee I peeked at who came out; I had to make a diversion before it ended up being locked as I was too lucky then that it was left open. I took out one of the kitten's rolling toys and tossed it down the rug floor. She looked down as I hid behind a portable computer tray used to move individually to other patient rooms, going down in the other direction as I quickly made for the still open door and locking it back up. So far so good; my heart was really going and felt an open space ready for when anxiety might take over. I turned the light back on and found the long table as it was before.*

*A perfectly constructed town setting, with houses, streets, buildings of varying sizes and even little trees and swept leaves and pebbles among many marking to give it a real feel. Being the only one there, I walked to it for a closer look, eying at the homes and store fronts, wondering why a doctor would have something like this in an establishment. But then... I thought for a moment that had a connection to the events I've experienced over the time since meeting Luke Valentine. Was there some sort of kidnapping and miniaturization project involved? Would I find tiny people walking around the model set as if they were going about their lives? I eyed one of the pane windows of a peach colored house when I began to hear steps getting closer outside.*

*My heart fhwoomped as I tried to look for a space to hide. The only ones were barrel sets in the back. The lights now shut off as I snuck my way behind those barrels. By a very good chance, the door itself opened up. I was thinking to see Hojo come in, but it was actually someone else. Someone... younger... a bit lean and tall...and pink hair?*

*This one man walking in was named Szayel, his hair pink , his height being rather tall, he walks in reading at a note pad he has on his person at all times, he was so intent on this pad he didn’t notice perhaps a change in the area.. The barrels slightly out of place in a hurry.*

*And oddly out of my tension and hyper fear, I was actually sad of having to sacrifice Scotty's toy, one that he did like to play with, but now used for covert operations and never seen again. Then again, I could always get another one like it...if I get out of this smoothly. I peeked through an opening line of a left barrel to see him. He is easily seen through; he was working on some chemicals, his eyes fixated upon his work; a true scientist it seems. Thinking to myself why an assistant would work on chemicals in a place that clearly wasn't a laboratory next to what I can guess it a toy town for possible victims trapped tiny.*

*But what really sparked my mind was this guy with unreal world hair, and just as bishie attractive looking as Luke, working here. He looked more appropriate in an anime themed male model calendar*

*He is chuckling to himself, obviously a little mad in the head; he tilts his head to the side looking now down into the little town and his hand goes down in lifting out of it what seems to be a small (oh my) a small woman as it seemed to struggle in his finger grip. My eyes bulge out as I saw the squirming between his fingers. He seems to almost fondle this little woman checking her over helplessly, even giving her a toss in the air and can hear her little screams. That is a real... real person... they are shrinking people here... what if I was caught... he puts her back into the little doll house and takes down notes.*

*Very, very softly* Ohh dear... *Now what? Do I just wait until he leaves to get out or try to make a portal around this small area I was hiding in?*

*He hears her even if she doesn’t think he can he doesn’t make it obvious that he is on to her, just continues taking out "Samples", examining them and then placing them back.*

*My palms tighten and my nails press in deep. Probably stuck here for all I know*

*He finally sighs, softly placing both his palms on the table, the top his eyes flickered behind his specs... then his voice calls out gently, *You can come out now.. I do know you're back there...shouldn’t talk to yourself even if you think others can’t hear you.”

*My head looks over in a sort of sudden confused way, but nothing else to do but "surrender" myself as I got up from behind the barrels* I figured there was something a little different about "you"...

Szayel: Why... why must people always interrupt me... *He sighs turning around to see what she is, gazing at her with a small unnoticed smirk* Well why... hm?

Me: Hmm. If you really must was not to interrupt your work. I don't even have any business with you...I'm more interested in the doctor here that runs this...  *It was definitely hard to even speak knowing inkly that he might already know more than me.*

Szayel: *His eye twitches... not being the one in charge and it burns at him every day, his thoughts shifting* "And what would you want with this man hmm? *He shifts his glasses back up his nose.*

Me: I don't know what kind of practice this is that's being run, but if this is what's going on, I trust there's something very serious for what you have in mind with the man I was with yesterday. *Referring to Killer and his ability to absorb other people's energy, memory and physical abilities by skin touch. I would certainly think he'd know.*

*He turned  his head... with his eyebrows raised... not shocked but amazed... he was doing research on that very ability... he has been for awhile... but never has he been told of this man...*

Szayel: *He should play it calmly though... so he shifts his face to more like calmed and relaxed * Well yes... of course... he was very unique indeed.

Me: I doubt you will tell me anything, but does this Hojo have the same plans for him as well?

Szayel: And what plans would you think he would come up with hmm? Hojo... *it gives him a twitch upon the eyes at the name.*

Me: So far what I see here * a quick look down* I wouldn't be surprised of anything suspicious that has been going on. Except I was thinking there were "bigger" things involved. Maybe, I don't know giants out in broad daylight but yet ask anyone, they look at you like you're mad.

Szayel: Who says I am mad? *He twitches once more*

Me: No, no. I'm not saying YOU are. Just that no one even knows of something as huge as that going on. I wonder if there's a connection.

Szayel: There isn’t...I know I could simply make you one of my little toys...

Me: No thanks. I can shut that off anytime I want. *and it looks that our conversation would soon be interrupted, as more approaching sounds were heard.*

*He wondered to himself: should he hide this girl away... or let the approaching man see, which he is sure is Hojo*

Szayel: Do you wish to meet the wicked man behind the powers? Or simply hide yourself within one of those barrels hmm?

*Said wicked man now entered the specially hidden room. The pink man stands over his table appearing to still be working. In walks a middle-aged gentleman, in glasses and long dark hair tied down the back with what appear to be two strands at the sides. Dressed in formal office attire with a white lab coat, he has a slight shoulder slump and walks with a shuffle.*

*The assistant shifts his glasses back upon his nose as he stands over, looking at his notes not really giving this newcomer much attention, focusing on his work like any of them would.*

*This was my chance to make my quick escape without any one of them seeing me. He glazing back to where I was hiding... giving this look showing that he could give me away at any moment if he wished it. Even if I can seemingly shift my way out.*

Hojo: *forcefully interrupting* What are you frittering back and forth at, boy?

Szayel: Just my work... my research nothing more... as part the normal... you should know that well enough Hojo...” *Speaking in a nonchalant tone*

Hojo: I only pay you for what you give me. I also know well enough you would not have your outlet without me. Be grateful for that. *Changes the subject* Now then, have you finished the last of the results from yesterday's patient?

Szayel: *Get's a rather annoyed look on his face... but quickly, calmly relaxes himself... and shifts over to the doll home and picks up a very tiny lady as she shivers in his palm* Yes. As you can see she is still alive... no signs of chemical or physical break down of any cells... which is good...

Hojo: Excellent. At least you're competent on that. Also, that particular group that was here yesterday with that young man should be expecting the results of his test.

Szayel: Ah yes... yes... I have got that all ready for you... *Eye twitched to the “competent” comment and picks up a clip board and hands to him the results printed upon it.*

Hojo: *Grabbing it* Very well then. *Just has he was ready to leave, he stops for a moment* One more thing. We have an instigator in our mist. Yesterday, one young woman from that group found this room. *no doubt referring to me as I hear from inside a portal I duck into earlier and small enough to keep hearing and make my leave hopefully.*

Szayel: *As he hears this he keeps his eyes focused and seemingly shocked upon them as he nods placing a finger to his chin as if contemplating something* I will keep my eyes open and ears attuned incase she comes around.

Hojo: See that you better. I already took care of her husband as a mock up examination, unaware of what will happen to him soon. And for her.

*Wait, hearing this, furrowing my eyes, now worried for Luke while I was here. What did he do to him?*

Szayel: As you wish, sir...*He bows, seemingly mocking but Hojo doesn’t get it at all.*

*Both of us were in a bad pickle. So much for the fake vacation as I had to get back, now. But first, I made a hidden move through another porting near the waiting area. Assuming if people here thought they were seeing a real doctor but instead end up as part of some insane experiment, how to help these people out.* Alright, time to engage here. *luckily, there was door closet for uniforms, opening it and looking through, I find a nurse's shirt and pants outfit, changed inside and went over to the office, letting a girl with short red hair tell her she had a phone call in another room. She leaves as I take her position and talk from out of the window.*

Me: Could I have your attention, please? I wish to apologize, but there has been an emergency that the doctor needed to attend to. The office will be closed for the rest of the day until further notice. I apologize again for the inconvience. *No doubt, some people groaned as they got up and left, and pleasing some younger patients as they left.*

*Hojo, of course, can here this announcement... and is wondering what could be happening... coming from his own office that I was clever enough to find the doors opening up for him one after another... which gives him away that he is coming to my location.*

Me: Shoot! Better get! *Slinking over to the door flap away from the approaching sounds.*

*He busts through the door noticing that one swaying is right on my heels... the pink hair seemingly leaving its own pattern in the air as he moves fast not caring if people see; has to catch this woman.*

*Just as I was about to open one last teleport to get to home... *

*He tackles from behind. If I was to teleport again, I would have to take him with me.*

*I cry out as I found Szayel grabbing onto me* Grhh! *His white gloved hand then covered over my mouth, now trying to scream out, with my own hand trying to reach for it, trying to pull myself to it. Something then overcame my nose, quickly breathing in whatever it was, still pulling on the porthole but it started to shrink down, capturing around my hand now trying to unfortunately pull it away, as it left my wedding ring on the other side of home. And slowly losing my attention and consciousness...*


*Luke kissed his love goodbye as she stepped through the portal for the resort hotel. She also gave a quick hold and kiss for Heather before her final depart and the hole closed off.*

Luke: Looks like it will be you and me for only a little while, little bird. *Nuzzling her down as Heather pats down more of his hair* Looks like you’ll be too busy with my head to think about mommy.

*A swirl and vibrating sound was hear and then ended with a sudden swoosh; Luke turns behind him to find no one there but it sounded close. He heard some voices from a former racquetball room now used for his and Alison’s own “play time”.*

*Demyx stopped waving for Beth and Killer to come through his own shifting portal, noting their shivering responses.*

Beth: I-I-don’t understand-how you can go through something like that!

Killer: *arms around himself tight* That place is enough to freeze your balls off! And why the hell did you lead us here instead of at the front of the living like any…at least normal for you guys?

Demyx: Just for protection.

Killer: From what? Global warming?

Demyx: No. Just in case Ally’s… not herself.

Beth: Why? What’s wrong with her?

Demyx: You didn’t see her at the beginning. That one she went all possessed. She made good work of Doc

Beth: *Sympathetic* I see. That doesn’t sound like her.

Killer: Sounds like she has more balls than I do now. Can’t we get in now?

Demyx: Alright, alright. *Demyx turns the golden knob and opening the way into the brown neutral hue of the living area.* Just have to see if everything’s all clear.

Luke:…And all clear for what?

*Luke appeared before them with Heather in his arms and looking very authoritative at the three “trespassers”.*

Killer: Looks like you forgot about Skywalker here.

Luke: Very funny.

*Letting Demyx, Killer and Beth hang out in the area, Luke still stood up.*

Luke: We’ve already mentioned before that you’re welcome here as much as you like. Why go sneaking around like a common cat burglar?

Beth: Demyx said it was because of Alison.

Luke: *taken slightly aback* Now why on earth for?

Demyx: Luke, you were there, you saw what happened. Going all-

Luke: Yes, but that doesn’t mean she’s some troll hidden among the dark. It was something out of our hands and she’s over that now.

*Killer looks around.*

Killer: Where’d she step to then?

Luke: She just left for a little vacation and will be back in a week.

Demyx: Aww. And without you?

Luke: *He suddenly had a frown over his face like something struck him* As much as I would’ve liked to go, maybe what’s been going on with her, she might need some alone time. *Now closing his eyes as he begins feeling a growing pain that knocked him a bit and the younger group took notice.*

Demyx: Whoa! No need to get that upset.

Killer: It’s not that Opie! *Looking to Luke can’t help but think of how this seemed familiar*

*Beth now came to his aid.*

Beth: Luke, what is it? Are you alright?

*Luke put a quick finger to his temple, trying to ease the pressure.*

Luke: Yeah… just been working on class work yesterday and this morning without a break. *Helping him up* I’ll be fine. Damn headache reminds me of when Jan went on his strip club prowls back in the day.

Killer: Like that’s ever stopped.

Beth: Ken, please. Luke doesn’t look too well.

*Luke gave a modest smile, trying to cover his pain.*

Luke: So now you’ve noticed too? I guess Steve was right to worry over me.

Beth: You mean…because of your vampirism?

Luke: You make it sound like it’s a disease.

Beth: *Feeling embarrassed for her mistake* I’m really sorry. I…

Luke: Don’t worry about it. Maybe I am feeling a little drained of energy. *Demyx clasps his arms over his neck.* Not to worry, Demyx. I’m not that uncivilized. *Demyx now sighed a relief.* Maybe I’ll just rest for a while in the bedroom. Have the place to yourselves but look over Heather often.

Beth: Sure thing.

*Luke now paced to his bedroom with his hand on his head and still perplexed by this sudden pain. He only hoped it was stress related and not drive his imagination wild. Meanwhile, the three guests now ended up with the house to themselves with baby sitting duty. Beth was first to tend to Heather, watching the toddler wiggle in her sleep, her bee doll used as a pillow. Killer slipped in without noise, a trait self-taught from his tougher days.*

Killer: Tight sleeper. Nothin’ seems to get by the rug rat.

Beth: *Softly* Bout as cute as a baby rat, or a mouse. Definitely a kitten; they’re all cute all the same.

Demyx: *chiming in* Hey, no reason to hog. *Kneeling down just when Heather starts to stir. Her bright little eyes open to familiar big people, but when she looked at Killer, her little lip started to quiver. Her voice tussled as she brought herself up and further back.*

Killer: Nice going, waterboy. Where are those stealth moves from your boyfriend?

Demyx: Hey, not my fault.

*Beth reached back in and held along her sides, picking her up and standing straighter, nestling Heather in her arms.*

Beth: It’s ok, Baby. *Heather hiding her face deep into Beth’s chest, muffling in fear building up. It sounded like she was saying, ‘bad man’, ‘bad man hurt daddy’.* Hold on, what’s wrong? *Patting* What happened? No…no, it’s ok. No one’s bad here. Look. *Trying to coax Heather to look around.* Ken, make her feel safe.

Killer: How the- do I even do that?

*Heather stuck her hidden face out, her eyes looked ready to tear. She looked up to the lanky redhead, seeming hesitant, which led Killer to give a dumbfounded yet meek look. Somehow, Heather’s demeanor changed and lightened up. To her, it wasn't like a boogyman back in the dark, but with his fire hair and overall red color, it was like looking at a clown as any grown up. The fear gone and in place were softer gazes.*

Beth: Hee, there we go.

Demyx: *Chuckling* Ha ha. He only looks like a meanie.

*Killer strode past Beth and proceeded to gently reach over to Demyx’s neck, a snide smile on him.*

Killer: A meanie that can do this.

*A sensation crept over Demyx’s skin, flicking his head and away.*

Demyx: Hhey! That hurt!

Killer: Oh please. *Out of his ringed right hand appeared a swirling and waving water bubble. A gentle push in the air let it float along, like a wrinkly soap bottle blown out of a round wand. Heather looked at it with the usual awe and curiosity of a small child, trying to reach for it. The single bubble then broke into two equal bubbles, each one multiplying away, growing in numbers into a dance that reminisces a forgotten Fantasia segment.

Demyx: Wowz! I never even did anything like that before. Can you teach me??

*A bare pale arm lay over Luke’s forehead, trying to find comfort in the bed sheets. His mind kept going back to Alison, memories of their time together, now picturing how she’s changed; very scared and upset seemed like a lifetime and even then, when he first laid his eyes on her back at the diner, it was not meant so much to harm as keep her tight against Luxor, to finally take him down and finally being free. Yet it ended up with her taking him down as he would learn later. For now, her face, her frame, her strong, plump and tiny frame possessing a stronger will. The feeling felt like something prominent, ominous; it was just a personal vacation. She needed it. Hopefully, he’ll hear from her soon.*

*Then, a greater pain shot in him; nerves felt like they were being punctured along his arms and down his back. He suddenly remembered something given to him in Hojo’s office. He didn’t remember getting a needle, a part on the doctor’s hand stung him sharply like it wasn't meant to be shown. It was then something odd stroke him, being tricked like that. Despite the painful nerves, he forced himself up, shirtless and with his hair tied back, he needed to make a call, to someone, anyone.*

*Upon opening the door, the room was filled with tiny 3 inch bubbles with both Heather and Demyx batting at the floating forms. Demyx noticed Luke staring back.*

Demyx: Aieee! It was his idea! *Pointing at Killer to blame*

Luke: Never mind. *Waving his hand quickly and caught one of the wet bubbles.* They’re water?

Demyx: Uhh yeah. Uh, what’s up?

Beth: We didn’t wake you up, did we? *Holding onto Heather as she moved forward, thinking Heather mind need some daddy attention when she spotted something shimmering, illuminated by the stuck bubbles.* Wow, is that a ring?

Luke: What? *Luke now moving forward, bending down to pick up the glimmering band.* Ally’s? How did it get here?

Demyx: Hmm. She could’ve just dropped it?

Killer: From her finger?

Demyx: Yeah. You would know.

Luke: *Breaking in* I NEED to call that office…or get Steve. Anyone.

*They all agreed as Beth left to get Steve, with the guys staying behind. Luke cuddled Heather, hoping she wouldn't be too upset or notice anything wrong.*
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